Wednesday, 13 June 2012

AutoTank - Ver 1

After few weeks of playing with LEDs, waiting for the parts and a 'massive' man flu I have put things together on the tank and made a tank robot. What this tank does is go forward at full throttle, when it detects some obstacles in front turn left.

AutoTank V1.1 - Parts list

  1. Sharp IR sensor - GP2Y0A41SK0F
  2. 2 x DC motors(came with the tank toy)
  3. 1 motor driver - SN754410 Quadruple half H driver
  4. The brain - Arduino UNO R3
  5. One 9V(PP3) battery to power the Arduino
  6. 4 x NiMH cells to give 4.8V - for the motor driver power
  7. An SPDT switch (SPST was enough for this application but I didn't have any!)
  8. And lots of insulation tape to keep things together - proper engineering
AutoTank on test run
Yes, as I said before this turns in only one direction and there is no bump sensor. IR sensor is a range sensor so it is used to control the speed depending on the distance from the obstacle(not to a great deal) with dead stop distance.

Planned improvements for next version
  1. Make alternate left and right turn
  2. Protect the front IR sensor from colliding into things
  3. Use a bigger range of speed control on straight control
There are a lot of hardware improvements required(software too) but I don't want to try to do too much in one go and I got to wait for the hardware parts anyway(not even ordered yet).

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