Saturday, 19 May 2012

Light sensitive LED string - Using an LDR

This is a simple circuit demonstrating the use of analogue pins to read sensor data and calculate output according to it. I found the basic code and instructions from the Arduino learning site. I am using an LDR (Light dependant resistor) to detect the level of surrounding light and show that using an array of LEDs.
If the room is dark all the 5 LEDs will light up with a moving pattern. If the room is well lit all the LEDs will go off. In the video below there wasn't enough light in the room to turn all the LEDs off! probably on direct sunlight they will all go off.
There is not only full bright and complete dark, light level has been measured and shown on scale of 0-5. No LEDs(0) for full bright light and 5 LEDs for complete darknessnesssssssss!!!

See the video below.

I am working on the schematic of this. Will update soon once i finish drawing this up.

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