Saturday, 19 May 2012

Shopping list - to start making your robot

Here is a list of basic things and some extra bits that I think essential to make a simple robot. I know it depends on how you define the simple robot but I am making this list keeping my tank robot in mind!

  1. Bread board 
  2. Wires - those ones you can directly push into the bread board are great! 
  3. Resistors 
  4. Capacitors 
  5. LEDs - at least one 
  6. A soldering kit 
  7. A digital multimeter 
  8. A computer 
  9. A programmer to compile and burn your program to the microcontroller 
  10. Microcontroller - For a beginner I think buying a microcontroller kit is the best idea - like Arduino, or biotrics cerebellum. 
  11. Motors - dc or stepper or servo 
  12. Sensors - I will be using an IR range sensor 
  13. Buy some old second hand toys so you can build your robot frame from it. I have been to couple of car boot sales and got enough metal frames and wheels and all sorts of stuff.

Some good shopping websites - for UK
  • - They are specialised in LEDs, but I got my Arduino for a very good deal from there.
  • - Very small company but good number of components and deals, I bought an electronics kit and a Sharp IR range finder from there. Best deal I found on internet.

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