Friday, 11 May 2012

The beginning!

So, hello fellow crazy creators! Hope all of you are working hard and providing your bit towards the rise of the machines(will they??) and extinction of the human race! (Terminator, yes that's what I am on about).

Will they rise or not that's not my problem now although I have thoughts and theories about it. I quite like making the robots! Just for fun! I have only started making last week so not an expert. But I thought I need to write down the things I find out somewhere I can easily access, share it with other enthusiasts and get help from other experienced robo makers!!

I have found a quite use full website : They have everything you need to know about how to make a robot. And I found some useful websites where you can buy parts from.
So to start with I decided to make a small tank that run around inside my house floor and avoid the obstacles! and hopefully the chair legs! To make things easy I bought an RC controlled tank which I will be pulling apart later on. Before I do that I think it is a good idea to put some pictures of it up here.

So I played with it for about a week an even tried it run down the stairs! it survived because it got stuck on the second step from top. I can't remember the name of this tank I am not really interested in the outside shape and detailing of it. I just wanted a tank!

So as next step I had a look around to find out what microcontroller I should be using to replace the original one of the tank. After a week of reading through blog posts of this vs that I have decided to get an Arduino UNO. Main reasons are Arduino is an opensource project so there are endless help available there, the programmer (the C compiler) is free, and arduino is easy and cheap for a beginner.
Arduino UNO

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